Video, the new digital language.

Combining marketing and video for your brand is about as obvious as salt and pepper for any meal. It is natural, expected and has been set as the new norm for the table of branding. Previously, we mentioned that versatility is not an option, but rather an asset, and video is just one of the many ways in which we can harness that value and consistency. 
Video has only become more convenient and accessible. What used to be only on television is now in the palm of your hand (with filters to make it even better, funnier or trendier). It comes as no surprise that video has become the new digital language and Project V Studio is fluent. 
WIthout any further wait or long winding, here are a few reasons you need to take your video game to the next level for your brand.

1) Seeing is believing

There is this age old thing called “seeing is believing”. So what better time to create trust in a brand through a visual experience? If you want to be serious about your brands, you have to be serious about your video. 
Conversations and conversions are built on trust. No one has it, you need to prove yourself. Think about it this way, marketing is just like a relationship if you think about it, you have to show the audience you are there for them at all times, prove your commitment to them, have their side and gain their trust and love over and over again. To create this feeling of trust and authenticity, we helped our client, Thrvly, launch their fitness platform with over 30 fitness classes. It didn’t stop there, we also used social media promos to introduce their elite instructors to the right audience through advertising campaigns.
Not only did we take care of the launch, but we also did their full branding, click here.

2) The magic of teleportation

These days it is all about being seen everywhere, all the time. Most social algorithms work on a share and save method these days. If your content is good enough to be shared, it is clearly providing value, so the mighty internet will praise you and push your content even further. 
If you post a video today (with a good strategy), there is no telling where it could go. Take TikTok for example, overnight a video can blow up to a million views. Just imagine where and to whom that video was sent and what impact that could make on your brand. 
Still don’t believe me? Statistics show that videos are 12 times more shareable than any other content generated. Engaging your customer means a lot more than just getting them to like a photo. Video has been proven to drive engagement more than anything other type of content marketing. This is why we used THRVLY’s powerful branding to create clear communication through social media promos.

3) Quality creates brand perception

We buy into quality. The reason why we have such a “must need” perception to most brands is because of a perceived quality. Videos allow the consumer to experience the quality, promise and experience of your brands before buying into it. If the video performs well, it can even be perceived as something desirable. We used workout videos to show off the quality of their fitness expertise as well as the amazing team that would train you if you became a paying client.

4) Video sends the RIGHT message.

Ok, so we can say a lot, but the problem is, most people don’t always interpret things the way we want them to, and most of the time, it takes quite long to create the feeling or message.
Why not let a well-crafted video do the talking for you? 
For example: 
“He asked me to marry him!”
Imagine a happy bride-to-be running to her family saying this.
Amazing right? 
Imagine a drunk woman showing her friends a message from “tinder dude” saying that.
Not so amazing. 
Video can do it all. Give the right message, a great concept and sound effects and you spark a range of emotions in any viewer. We often talk about the importance of value, but what could be more valuable than combining multiple elements to create a sensory experience of both seeing and hearing. We understand that communication is golden, so when we swing a client into video, it’s a whole experience. 

5) SEO

Ahh, Google really loves video, just as much as the guy above who asked the girl he just met to marry him. Let me explain, a website with video is 53 times more likely to be on the first page of results if it includes video. You want to know why? It is the thing that viewers engage with most, even more than the add to cart. If they press play on your video, you also know they are going to be on your page for a while longer. 
Besides Google Search, Youtube is the second largest search engine… so, do we still need to convince you to do videos? 

6) Video Boosts conversion and sales

Let’s cut to the chase:
Statistics show that 57% of people have more confidence in an online purchase if they could watch a video. Thereafter, 93% of brands find new customers because of online videos and social media videos (video, reels, tiktoks) 
And finally, 64% of consumers proceed to checkout and payment after watching a branded video. Ladies and gentlemen, not only is video the latest digital language, but it’s a currency. 
So why are we not saying more about this? Well, I did. 
Like with every other marketing strategy, we need to work from the bottom up, or in this case, down a funnel. Not only is video everything our little content hearts could dream of, but it is also the ideal catalyst for any part of your funnel. 
Every reason from the first one listed on this blog has a reason and a purpose that leads you down the funnel, all the way from establishing trust, getting the right message across, being seen and enticing to add to cart. Finally, a notification pops up on your side saying you made a sale. Congratulations, the movie is over.   

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