Oneness: Your Beastly Self.

Ever felt like your star sign was a little bit off? Well, then you need to check out the Celtic zodiac signs because it is spot on!

The Celts honored the rhythms of Nature & observed different nuances of their environment with the seasonal fluctuations. They believed that each month’s full moon is a mere salute to a specific human personality. Indeed, no distinction between man and nature is made in Celtic ideology. There seems to be no separation between Celtic-kind and animal-kind; just as all prime people know, there is no delineation. There is only one. That energetic spirit of oneness, allows one to connect with one’s own lunar Celtic Animal Sign to explore the beastly self in the Celtic year. No better way to expand your awareness about the beings around you, the animals you resonate with, and the glory of our brute universe.

The creatives of Project V Studios indulged in a free-spirited artistic trip using animals and humans to capture the union between these 2 magnificent races that turned into a Zodiac representation of the Celtic Lunar signs when Wanderlust App’s writer dove into the astral universe where man and beast become one.

Stag: December 24 - January 20

“I am grace. I stand tall in the dynasty of the earth, where I take pride in being the trail blazer. I step with tact and care, and my moves are often calculated, too calculated. Despite of my enlightened strategic perception, I would take the biggest risks of all just to satisfy my inner over-achiever that, unfortunately, expects. I expect, and they usually fall below my expectations, my high hopes. But that doesn’t shake my reign over my responsibilities. Don’t mistake me for an arrogant for I have to cling to my confidence and self-reliance to take me to that pine I have my eyes on up there. I will love you and let you in on my deepest, but won’t ask you to stay. I’ll overwhelm you when the cold north wind blows because my arms around you feel right, not because I have to. I am noblesse. I am a haven.”

Cat January 21 - February 17

“I am the sixth sense of the human race. I see what others fail to see with their limited human spectrums of sight, and I live in my own world of perspectives. You can summon me for fresh insights in a project, life decision or intellectual endeavor, be sure that I will always bring the unorthodox to the table, lay it there, then strut my way out back to my own universe, leaving you stumbling around my oh-so-contrasting ideas. Don’t mistake my keenness to keep my distance for being unaccepting or aloof, but I am simply on my mission to observe and live life my way, shaking things up and poking around to explore. Air is where I belong, but my lack of wings makes me in constant seek for freedom and independence, while open to shifting my paradigms at the event of the unexpected. I am affectionate curiosity and sly determination.”

Snake: February 18 - March 20

“I am the cold. I am the cold that runs through your veins to reach the answers concealed deep in your mind. I wander and I wonder about the occult knowledge that rejuvenates with my every breath. I am the life that transcends those that I choose to entangle within my existence. Love is the venom I solemnly pump into my Oh-so-dear preys to nurture them with the primordial life force that I am. I can manipulate all my entourage with my weighty influence and sharp intellect to get my way around, but I would never use it to harm a helpless being, that’s not what I am, no. I am the protection for the unprotected, the fertility to the mentally sterile and the rebirth of the resurrected. I am the eternity of dual transformation.”

Fox: March 18 - April 20

“Careful there, boy! My zeal and passion will get you waylaid into my ambiguity, and while you are so swept by my charming face and my mind that will draw you in but keep you out, I would be fussing looking for else if the flame starts to fade away. Don’t take it personally though, it’s same with any other responsibility I choose to take: no passion, no deal. I sneak into adventure just like my little ones do through the vigneries, and I wander tirelessly seeking my next escapade from the deepest pit to the tip of the highest mountain. I could be dear as a dove or ferocious as … well a fox! But the good news is that once you are one of those I choose to call family, you got me for life and I will gracefully take you into my exotic getaways. I am a charismatically enchanted tongue that unlocks all doors. I am passionate perseverance and explosive intellect.”

Bull: April 15 - May 20

“I am intuitive stability and stable intuition that loves, with all what that shall mean. My horns can be the settee where you lean on shielded from the mediocrities of the ring, but beware for they might be lethal if you come in spitting distance without having gotten the nod to be one of my own. I do collect people in the best ulterior intention, not out of possessive selfishness but for I get high on the proximity of the inestimable. My haven is my tight-knit community of whoever I choose to belong with, biologically bestowed upon me or not. I am your impeccably dressed wingman, art collecting defender for the helpless and I would stomp my hoof in scrupulous exasperation for those whom I care for. It might sound like I am an unstoppable force of love and kindness, but with those comes my stubbornness that can boulverse anyone and renverse any situation, and I won’t cuddle with change. I am opinionating materialism and practical inflexibility. I am patient loyalty and protective dependability that loves, and keeps loving till the spear exhausts the last breath of life out of my heart.”

Seahorse: May 13 - June 9

I feed on experience and knowledge, and I keep growing. Don’t try to keep me from drifting through the currents of life, don’t try to teach me how to balance because I am not meant to. I just go along, with the occasional bump against the corals of life. I am a sponge to all what is happening around me, I soak up events, people, thoughts and emotions then I start digesting while I rest at the bottom of the ocean, camouflaged from all existence. They tend to think I am flexible, but I’m not, I’m far from changing my alignment against my most selfish wills, I just fit in. I will fit in everywhere that you would be convinced it is where I belong, while I belong nowhere, not even in the loins of those who once contained me. Have you ever watched a sea horse giving birth? I use my newly obtained strength to push away the one that gave it to me, but I know the wound where I came out will eventually close, and a scar is all what will be left. I don’t walk in groups, I never belong, remember? It’s a jungle inside my head between my 2 alter egos, but they both get distracted by the flashing lights of my mesmerizing thoughts and overwhelming feelings. I am an unbalanced duo that keeps drifting through life.

WREN: June 10 - July 7

“I am emotion. I am one with the wind that carries me to new heights. My heart spreads its wings and soars across the sky high emotions, gliding gracefully between the clouds of devotion, creativity and loyalty. Emotion is my piano, and agility is what I use to hit every key in my song. You can depend on me, whether I am branching out in high-flying strokes or dwelling into my cave of solitude and home homesickness with which I have a love-hate relationship that only I can understand. My feelings are quite sensitive but I have my tactics of healing when hurt, and I build barricades … barricades nothing can tear down, so be wary of becoming a threat, or of taking for granted what you have seen of me. Be wary, there will always be something up the feathers of my inner wing that the closest in my nest would never foresee. I am patience.”

Horse: July 8 - August 4

“I am valiance in times of adversity. When you hear horse, you think grace and poise. Think again, for I am the incarnation of exuberant talent and powerful dirt-clouding. Wild leadership is my middle name and I get a high on flamboyant challenge. I run the show. Honey, I am the show. My opinionated confidence will keep me running in circles to the cheers of the crowd if I am not vigilant enough to fixate my eyes on a healthy focus that would prevent my self-challenging affection from consuming my soul. Careful dear, I will impress you and have swirled up within my influential pride and God-given charm, thinking you can tame my wilderness, but you don’t know that you can only ride me in the ways I, and only I, fancy. Too many I’s? Maybe, but I am just a slightly egoistical, genuinely tender bravado. I am the need for love engulfed in a cover up of natural gravitas and streaks of competitive power.”

Fish: August 5 - September 1

“I dive into my own depths and swim where no one can follow. Intuition leads me where logic wouldn’t dare to go, and my mind travels through oceans of introspection, yet I only learn by experience. The layers of my mind are usually too complex that I often get a ‘brain freeze’ and go seek peace in my own alienated dark cave for a moment of solitude with my inspiration, to come out with magnificence that leaves the world in awe. I kept swimming the earth looking for home, only to find out there would be none for me but my own heart that gets slippery whenever anyone tries to get a grip on it. Love me and I will give you the reign over my empire, for my mind realizes it’s not easy to love my heart. I am the aching lust for affectionate intellect that spares no effort in concealing the longing of my loins for warmth.  I am a brilliant visionary whose quest is self-acceptance through the sole way of embracing others and nurturing them with what I aspire to, one day, have a glimpse of.”

Swan: September 2 - September 29

“I am the human personification of royalty and grace. My eyes can distinguish beauty where and when others’ fail to, because my soul is very refined and rises above all impurities. It’s true that I can aristocratically be a perfectionist, but this is no more than a lateral symptom of my composure and tasteful grace. Some might mistake my self-perception for arrogance, but I believe that a clear understanding of what I am and am not is the solid ground beneath my steadily advancing feet. I might get neurotically over-critical when order is stirred, but this is how I keep calmly gliding over the surface of life while everyone else is careening in chaos. Yes, I glide exquisitely on the surface, but few are those that can imagine the vast depth of the unseen world underneath. Swans are not emotionally cold, they can be the most affectionate hearts while keeping the ever-vigilant rational for threat. Come to my erudite world, for I am calm dedication and the reasonably discriminating sensitivity against all.”

Butterfly: September 30 - October 27

“I don’t hover over fire and burn. I am wiser than that. I am the social butterfly that hones in on those I relate to, and I relate to all. It’s my gift and my curse, as I become one with those I encounter and share their inner manifestation of emotions, and it gets too much at times. My safety is far away from the cocoon’s midst, it’s in being with people. It’s in always moving from one flower to the other, exchanging human drops of affection, love and hope. My wings are embroidered with the colors of my delicate soul are the shield I use to protect others before myself, working in tandem with whom is my highest state of euphoria. My almost vulnerable being lingers for compliments and appreciation that my pride and tastefulness are too shy to exige, so I indulge in the restoring labor of self-loving and self-admiration to not lay the weight on any wings but my own. I am the one that you will keep for life, and that will be the nectar of the charm in a world infested by the mediocrity of grey pests.”

Hound: October 28 - November 24

I am instinct. My silence is my grasp over the thin line between life and death, light and dark. That tiny threshold of existence is the worst nightmare for most, but for me, it’s how I smell poetry. I step dexterously onto the edge of danger because I have no qualm with risk, as long as it’s a calculated one, and I know I can depend on my sense of survival. I laugh in the face of what others spend their lives trying to oversee, yet fail to not succumb to the full moon of my own mind. Do you see these battles marks all over my being? Standing tall doesn’t mean that life has always been kind to me, but that being damaged doesn’t always mean broken. I am an animal constantly taming the wilderness within, and leading my pack of urges and tendencies towards states of altered consciousness where I can find some peace before retaking the hunt. I am instinct.

Hawk: November 25 - December 23

I am philosophy. I am focus. I fly higher than all, thus I have a vision of all. I flew to the highest peaks of perception just to grasp the empty realm of existence, yet I continue launching my being into lofty heights to spot my next quest for idealism that I know might not come to life in this life. I stay optimistic and on my field mouse until I consume it or it consumes me, then pass the curious new discovery to my clan, and rely on my instinct to amalgamate whatever comes out of it, as objectively as I humanly can. I am a sole traveler, but with the right call, I will choose to settle only if deemed necessary, but for me? I would always move. I can mate for life, but it wouldn’t be the end to my eternal restlessness, as my lust for expansion and thrill is a chronic dear illness for me that keeps ‘em all guessing. My wings of generosity can spread all over the world, and will embrace all but those of which my sharp instinct wouldn’t approve. Beware. I am independence. I am witty ambitious in its most intellectual, committed, self-consuming and unpredictable human form. I am freedom.