Pleasing coffee snobs has more than one formula.

Attention coffee drinkers. 
You are one of a kind, but you are not the only one. We have the flat white double pump of vanilla with cream drinkers, but we also have the single espresso, no sugar, no milk drinkers. 
Now surely you can see the type of person in your mind that would drink these coffees, they are definitely not the same, so why would their coffee be, but more importantly, why would the brand be? In our competitive world of marketing and creativity, we dig down to the deepest core of our audience to find the product niche and make it as personal to you as you are to the brand. 
Coffee has a different purpose to each person, for some it is a wake-up-and-go, for others it is just a chance to relax and chill. Therefore, different types of coffee-related content should have different purposes and different styles. 
The coffee industry is constantly growing, and the number of coffee (addicts) is increasing worldwide. According to the National Coffee Association, 41% of American coffee drinkers drink speciality coffee, and the average coffee drinker easily drinks three cups a day. So tell me, if 41% of Americans drink “specialty” coffee, then clearly one can realise the importance of “niching” down and aiming to be more than just a cup of morning sunshine. 
What we are trying to say is that your brand needs to communicate a character, mainly to be associated with a lifestyle or a solution, such as luxury, adventure or comfort. 
Being aware of the market should come naturally, there is a saying in the world of content creation,  “No one cares about you”. Harsh, but what we are trying to say is that we need to make content for our audience, not for our business/client. 
Project V Studios understands the importance of adding value to content, studying the market and reacting with the right stuff. It is not just versatility; it is also just being aware of the market and finding the niche that separates one coffee brand from another while understanding that no two audiences are the same. Project V Studios worked with two coffee brands simultaneously and understood who they were speaking to, not just what was being sold, which made it easy for them to create different content for each brand. They understood that it was about how each brand communicated with its own audience, and using the insights to create more value-added content that is tailored for that community and narrative, regardless if the product falls in the same category.

Let’s look at the two, there is Kohana Coffee and then there is Eltarabulsi Coffee.

Kohana coffee is a leader in specialty coffee and cold brew concentrate. Considering the effort, passion and innovative ideas that built the brand, it is no surprise that Kohana is all about being artsy, cool and inspiring. Here, a picture of a cup of coffee is not enough, the content has to be as innovative as the brand.

Video content

Product content

Artistic organic content

This project was a collaboration between Social Exposure and Project V Studios.

On the other hand, one needs to understand the importance of old-school and tradition, like with Eltarabulsi Coffee, a very traditional and nostalgic Arabian coffee brand from Kuwait. Here it is important to take the time to do the right research, brands are not just made-up stories, some stem from culture, history and heritage, so it is important to be able to get it right, otherwise your brand content might not be true to the narrative and value of the brand and the people behind it.

Versatility is not an option, it is an asset, something that Project V studio deals with daily while drinking a good cup of personality. In this world of diversity, we need to always remember that it applies to brands as well.  A brand is a story, a character and something that people buy into when you speak their language.

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