Organic Growth that took a Reverse Commerce app to 2500 installs in one month.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Bartr is a digital platform that turns unwanted products into piles of cash, allowing buyers and sellers to seal the deal with second-hand items. 

Bartr attracted a target audience in Dubai. We split this population into three main personas.


  • University students, expats or native Emirates, who own or collect old electronics, books, games, etc.

  • Home proud women and men who replace unused, or old items at home, with quality products found at a decent price.

  • Second-hand shops who buy items from or off other platforms to sell at a discounted price in their stores.


Project V Studios therefore understood that by doing market research, implementing social media strategies, and managing their online content, Bartr would have a higher exposure rate, driving social media traffic straight towards app installs.

This is How We Achieved 2500 Installs in One Month.

We Started from Scratch

Thorough Market research helped us find out who we were, who we were up against and define a niche social media audience to communicate to.

Who Bartr Is?

Our brand personality was contemporary, safe, user friendly, and launched itself around an interesting concept of pioneer selling and exchanging. By understanding this, we could ease communication with our customers to best suit their needs and wants.

Who We Up Against?

Our Three Target Audience Personas

Bartr based themselves around three specific lifestyles, making our brand more relevant and specific to the needs and wants of specific customers.

Young Individuals

Young and on the go Uni students, expat or native Emirati, fascinated by the concept of locating interesting items based on their location and nearby people.

Household Individuals

Home proud Emirati, Arab, Indian, Asian, Western or Pakistani with an established life, or holding a full-time job sold by the concept of replacing unused home items with second-hand ones.

Established Retailers

Reliable shops keeping stock of used home appliances, such as electronics, furniture, branded designer clothes, which sell at a lower price.

Our market research gathered information that allowed us to speak and understand the three audience personas, making sure we spoke their lingo

We Dug Deep to Introduce a Social Media Strategy.

Bartr asked us to get them 1500 app installs in one month. We achieved 1000 more, taking them to 2500 app installs in one month through our well designed and managed social media strategy, making Bartr the go to app for selling and exchanging items.

Engagement Posts.

Using customer experience with products on Bartr gave current users and potential ones a taste of what they can find on the app.

Informative Posts.

Content that showed off the benefits of exchanging over buying new items.

Branding Posts.

Using easy “how to” tips for shopping from experienced users, showed what differentiated us from our competitors.

We Paid Attention to Fine Detail with our Posting Strategy.

Branded content displayed across social media helped showcase the features of the app. This achieved recognition by allowing us to build a strong brand identity online, making our Bartr stand out from their competitors. 

Using languages in both EN and AR to reach a higher range of audience improved our relevance score, and using carousel posts, photos, videos and articles with strong captioning achieved a successful social media advertising scheme.

We generated app installs by targeting male and female Apple users between the ages of 16 and 55, based in the UAE.

We curated engaging stories and feeds that would attract the same social media audience from our Facebook Ad’s, and we lead our audience straight to app installs.

We Achieved This With Our Ad's

Reaching Up to 30k Daily with Our Facebook Ad’s.

Up to 20k Daily with Our Instagram Ad’s.

Up to 120k a month with our Twitter Ad’s.

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