In the Space of Architectural photography.

Photography, the only language understood anywhere in the world.

You are no longer sitting in a space. You’re seeing, smelling, hearing and touching it.

landscape photography has never had such an important role for designers who are decorating to absorb you into their space.

An Investment for Interior and Exterior Designers.

Allow Project V Studios to capture your photography portfolio, showcasing your architectures most pleasing parts.

Why the need for us when you want people at your physical address?

Google beats us to it.


In a world where information is at the tips of your fingers, a portfolio is often the only chance for designers to show off their design’s beauty and functionality to potential clients and the public.


Photo Art is how we combine beauty and functionality into a photograph. Allowing you to see, smell, taste, and drive a desire for touch by focusing on composition.

So glad to see my client appreciating my work by displaying my photos on the walls of their office. (Photo was taken in Nov 2017 at the office of Grid Fine Finishes)

“What I'm always trying to achieve is to help interior designers and architects showcase their work through beautiful portfolios,” -  

Photographer Karim Youssef

Seeing Through a Digital

An alive photograph will show off the shape, form and structure of a designer’s interiors and exteriors, making you believe in a potential reality through the designs.


Understanding this digital relationship between near and far, and the important role shadows and natural light play in single and multiple shots, puts the hero piece into focus.


An off-center focal point introduces elements and surrounding designs, crafting a styled reality for you.


Smelling Through a digital

The aura of a leather couch is rich, and so is the smell of Cedar as it ages.


Balancing the correct hues in a photograph will only enhance the designer’s materials in the image, giving the purest form of a colour, enhances the rich smells that linger with the design. 

Edit to enhance colour, not to change it. 


Keeping hues exact to a familiar look and style of a physical design in a photograph shows off properties of the designers’ materials, making the design more realistic allowing the common smells to a particular material to linger into your imagination.

Company: Marakez
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Hearing Through a Digital

Being alive and interactive, avoid noise, shoot RAW.


Modern iconic decoration, such as, Fat furniture, smoothed tiles, indoor gardens, and modern wood paneling, has not only created strong stock photos but also opened an era of photo art.


From home interiors to office blocks, designs are becoming more and more beautiful to capture in single shots.


The sound that leaches onto designs is something that comes across in the photograph, tiles imply the motion of feet and indoor gardens always allow a beautiful sound of a breeze passing through, allowing the photo to come to life.


Just imagine, 


Impose a wow factor to your designs through multiple photos, imagine the faces when seeing the real thing!

Companies: Scatec Solar, Mince Burger, Casper and Gambini’s, 30 North, Mo Bistro and Ted’s.
Location: Cairo, Egypt

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